Professional Organizing

As your professional organizer, I will collaborate with you  in discovering, implementing, evaluating and maintaining systems of productivity and organization that work best with your unique needs and style. We will work together to help you identify what is most important to you and clarify what you value most in life and create systems of organization that work for you and your values. This isn’t about selling you a system to follow, making you get rid of everything or turning your home into some sort of magazine cover. Instead, we will focus on discovering realistic actions to create space and and ease in your home, office, schedule and life.

 How does this work?

Step #1 – Set up an initial 20 min complimentary phone consultation:

Before our call, I will provide you with a questionnaire to complete. We will review the questionnaire during the phone consultation and have an in-depth discussion about your relationship to your clutter and your visions for clutter free future. We will discuss your history with and relationship to your clutter/disorganization and how your current situation is holding you back. If at the end of the consultation we decide that we are a good fit, we will discuss rates and make an appointment for an in home consultation.

Step #2 – In-Home Consult

During the in-home consult, we will:

  • discuss how well the space is currently serving you and we will visualize your desired outcome.
  • assess your space and gather information about you and your relationship to your space/stuff/data .
  • talk about what works for you and what does not.
  • develop an initial plan of action.
  • discuss a budget for needed storage solutions.
  • explore options for repurposing items/programs and systems you already have.
  • compete some forms and schedule our first session.

After the consultation, I’ll email you a personalized action plan to review prior to our first hands-on organizing session.

Step #3 – Organize

Organizing sessions are available for 3 or 6 hour blocks depending on the nature and size of the project and needs, abilities, availability of the client. During our work together, we will not only physically de-clutter your space, we will also work to uncover the patterns that lead to disorganization and create new systems to prevent re-clutter.

Step #4 – Follow-Up and Maintenance

Once the project is complete and you’ve created a well organized and functioning space/schedule to serve your new life, the next step is to keep it that way. In our previous sessions, we will have already worked out plans and strategies that will work for you to maintain your space and keep yourself organized. However, new habits take time to form and at times these plans may need to be revised to better suit your needs.  I offer shorter sessions in 2 hour blocks  for follow-up, smaller projects and maintenance work.

Step #5 – Phone Coaching

For additional support, consider adding coaching to our work together. Often, it is helpful to get additional support in between organizing sessions; to help establish and maintain newly created systems and habits, to work on evaluating and re-working systems that no longer work for your life’s’ circumstances or for support with backsliding.

Coaching calls last 45 minutes and take place 3 times each month. During these calls,  Brandy will coach you to discover new strategies to improve your organization and productivity with an emphasis on overall self-care. Coaching clients bring their own topics of discussion to each phone call, review actions for accountability, and explore their strengths and values to create and maintain powerful and lasting change.